About the Studio

Mind is the biggest canvas in the world. Visualization, Imagination, Intelligence, Perspective and Usability are different colours. Passion, Detail, Empathy, Freedom and Simplicity are the strokes that are used to colour this canvas.

Innovation is nothing but a unique synchronization between the Canvas, the Colours and the Strokes.

Kreative Wings – where Innovation takes to flight.

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Who we are

From creatives that are different, to creatives that bring about a difference; we believe that creativity is a tool that should give the clients, results they desire. Though we don’t define boundaries, every creative design of ours is driven by a specific result. Our designs work!!!

Our creative kitchen is equipped with a passionate team of artists that offer a plethora of unique designs for creating brand identities, promotions, audio-visuals, content, corporate presentations, advertisements and websites. Our strong production team ensures that these designs are delivered across the right media mix – from visiting cards to hoardings, from radio to television and from newspapers & magazines to Internet.

It is our sincere belief that branding is not mere creation. Branding is effective projection of an idea, a potential – be it company, product or services.